Jeans Fridays: Giving Back!

Back for another year! Starting out 2017, our Audubon Branch has picked the first charity: the National Kidney Foundation! An Audubon Branch employee thought it would be a great “thank you” for her niece, who recently received a kidney transplant just 2 days before her birthday on December 31st! Talk about a wonderful gift!

If you would like to learn more about the National Kidney Foundation, you can visit their website at

We would also like to thank the Susan Marie Rupp Foundation for their wonderful letter of thanks for last quarter’s donation:

Dear Friends,

On behalf of the Susan Marie Rupp Foundation, we sincerely and most graciously thank you for your donation we received, that was made in heartfelt support of our Foundation by the Audubon Savings Bank, Pine Hill, NJ Branch officers and staff.

Please know that your “special donation” will enable the Susan Marie Rupp Foundation to continue their “Teal Ribbons of Hope” campaign to promote the awareness and symptoms of the deadly disease—Ovarian Cancer.

The Susan Marie Rupp Foundation began their “Teal Ribbons of Hope” campaign in memory of Susan in 2010, with a goal that our efforts to inform others of the symptoms of this deadly disease may prevent other families from suffering the loss of a loved one.

Your grateful donation will support our efforts to attain this goal.

Most sincerely,


Ruth Mc Cullen,

Thanks to all of our Bank employees for their continued generosity and for making a difference in our local communities! Here’s to a great 2017!