Welcome to our new video series, our Two Cents! This is where we showcase tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your Audubon Savings Bank experience!

Cyber Security

Watch Chief Technology Officer Jim as he explains why passwords are so important and how you can protect your digital life with KeePass!

Home Equity Loans & Lines of Credit

Learn from VP of Loan Operations Robin how you can put your home to work for you with a No Cost Home Equity Loan or Line of Credit!

50+ Checking

Learn from Mt. Laurel branch manager Gwen how you can take advantage of 50+ Checking and all of its benefits!

Coin Machine

Today’s Two Cents is our coin machine: The Change Exchange! Learn from managers Nora and Angela how our coin machine is the one of the best ways to turn your coins into cash!

Card Valet

In this video clip, we showcase CardValet and how it is one of the easiest ways to safeguard your debit card from fraud. Learn from branch manager Sean as he explains the basics!